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Catering Available Upon Request


The Food House

Each & Every Sunday

The Food House brings authentic Caribbean cuisine to the DMV area. The two Frazer brothers, originally from Jamaica, has started at the ground level and has built one of the most craved Caribbean menus in the area. Patrons of Noelle's brunch look forward to trying unique dishes week over week. 



Red Carpet Jerk Wings

Jerk Chicken Quesadilla


Rasta Pasta

Escovitch Salmon

Escovitch Fish (Red Snapper)

Akee and Saltfish

Culture Gourmet

Each & Every Sunday

Culture Gourmet is defined by freshly made food, connecting with people, community involvement, and respect of culture. With over 40 years of restaurant knowledge, a bond has been created focused on providing scratch kitchen cuisine rich with culture. Our recipes and techniques are creative emphasizing forward thinking necessary to be gourmet....Learn more


Mac Bites

Crab Mac Bites​​


Matrimony & Grits

Country Fried Chicken & Waffles

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